Knowing the facts when it comes time to consider facelift surgery

facelift surgery

There may come a time when you require facelift surgery and it is very important to understand the finer details around what a facelift procedure entails and if the work required will benefit you. This article seeks to dispel the grey areas around facelift surgery and equip you with enough information to make an informed decision as to whether or not you should proceed with this style of operation.

Last year alone, the UK saw over 30,000 plastic surgery operations where facelifts accounted for a large proportion of those surgeries according to the Aesthetics Journal. Over recent years, a trend is developing around non-invasive treatments and procedures to lift the face and brows without the need for serious surgery. This option is becoming ever more popular with patient’s due to the lack of serious surgery involved to achieve a youthful appearance and either remove deformities or correct skin issues such as burns or deep inset wrinkles.

For the people of Manchester, there are many options in terms of qualified and experienced plastic surgeons that can undertake such a procedure and provide you with the care and attention required to successfully carry out an array of facelift procedures. Let’s have a deeper look at who would benefit from such a procedure and what to expect in terms of cost for the total procedure.

What does the treatment entail?
When it comes to facelift operations, there is a wide variety of operations available which are designed to suit your individual needs and present you with the best overall result based on your goals. Your surgeon will make an initial consultation to discuss the needs and set a realistic plan in place to carry out the surgery.

Most typical procedures involve surgical
cuts along your hairline, past your ear lobes and possibly under your chin depending on the procedure. The skin is then carefully separated from the muscles below the skin and excess fat is removed which tightens the face
muscles. That skin is then tightened, trimmed and stitched back in place with expert precision. The patient is then fully bandage and allowed to heal naturally.

What is the average cost of a facelift procedure?
Most surgeries based in Manchester offer a fixed cost for facelift operations and the cost can be discussed with your surgeon prior to committing to any procedure. The cost can vary depending on your medical coverage and if you choose to go private as opposed to government supported operations. The costs for a facelift procedure in Manchester range from £4,000 to £9,000 and are dependent on your location and cosmetic surgery practice.

Who would benefit from this type of operation?
It is a fact of life that we age at different rates and over time, our skin will lose elasticity and look less youthful. This means that at some point, everyone can consider either a non-invasive treatment or a standard facelift procedure to reverse the effects of ageing and allow people from all walks of life to recapture a youthful appearance.

Not all surgeries are purely cosmetic as these procedures also do amazing things for people who suffer from skin deformities or have experienced burns to their skin of facial region.